Trends to Watch in the Second Half of 2021

After an unprecedented time in our world, the cleaning industry is facing many opportunities for change. Like every other industry in the country, many business owners wonder how they will move forward and succeed when consumers’ habits and expectations have completely changed. They want services and goods fast and on time, and they want to buy easily. To help reach your customer’s expectations, here are four trends to watch out for and integrate into your cleaning company if you want to grow in the last two quarters of the year successfully. 

1. Sustainable Practices

After more than a year of sanitizing everything from hands to groceries, more consumers lean towards sustainable ways of living. As a cleaning company, where chemicals are used in almost every aspect of service, there are ways you can convey to your customers that you are keeping the planet in mind beyond just using more eco-friendly products. You can convey that you use cold water, and less water, in services that require it. You may use rags instead of paper towels or have cleaners carpool to save on carbon dioxide emissions.  Consumers are smart, and if sustainable practices matter to them, they will want to see that it matters to you, too.

2. Super-Focused Niches 

Consumers want to see that who they are hiring is the best at what they do. They don’t want to see that you offer a large variety of services, because they won’t trust that you are excellent at each of them. By focusing on one or two services, you can become an absolute expert and convey that to your customers, and they will trust that you are the best at what you do. 

3. Consistent Digital Presence 

When you think about your business, you may be focused on the traditional areas: prices, services, hours of operation, and a website. But are you spending time on the more non-traditional aspects of your business? Having a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are ways to get in front of an audience you might not have had access to otherwise. Coming up with a content plan each month (in lay terms, what you’ll post each day) will help you get in front of your audience, establish brand awareness, gain the trust of your audience and convert them into customers. 

4. Automation 

Let’s face it: after more than a year of everything in our lives transitioning to online, we’ve gotten used to the convenience of it. Making purchases, grocery shopping, dinner, dating – everything has been taken from face-to-face to a digital experience. Making the customer journey as easy as possible online will ensure you gain and keep them. Tools like auto-scheduling, online booking, and online payment options can make life a lot easier for your client and, in turn, make them hire you over and over again.  Keeping up with trends in your industry is a crucial aspect of owning a business. Make a note of trends you are seeing within your customer base as well, and when you are creating marketing campaigns or social media posts, you can use these trends to speak to your audience in a direct, defined way.

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