The Best Software to Use for Your Cleaning Company

Whether you’ve only recently started up your cleaning company or you’ve been in the industry for years but feel it’s time you updated the way you run your business, it’s always worth exploring some of the new, innovative and extremely convenient software out there to help you do your job to the best of your ability.

Take a look at our list of all the great business software that you could utilize within your cleaning company. Maybe you’ll decide to try some of them out and find yourself wondering how you ever went without it!


As a business owner, you don’t just have your own schedule to take care of, but the schedules of the rest of your team, too! Perhaps you’ve always gotten by using paper to keep track of where everyone needs to be and when they need to be there, but this isn’t always a fool proof option – in fact, you’ve probably experienced a handful of errors this way yourself.

Calendly is a versatile scheduling tool, allowing you to keep track of all of your team’s appointments in a way that is easy, simple and prevents many of the admin mistakes and double-bookings that you sometimes accidentally end up having to deal with.

There are a variety of different features involved in Calendly that make it so ideal for all your scheduling needs. These include:

  •  Being able to set a cap on the number of meetings (or, in the case of cleaning team members, clients) that an employee has each day, preventing over-booking.
  • Require scheduling to happen a certain amount of time in advance, preventing bookings from happening with short notice.
  • Can be accessed by team members to allow them to see their schedule, even sending a notification to the team when a scheduling change of any kind is made.

Calendly has three different pricing tiers:

  •  The Basic package is free! This gives you access to one Calendly calendar per user – isn’t that great?
  • The Premium package costs $10 per user, per month and allows you to access 2 calendars per user – ideal for slightly larger companies with more team members.
  •  The Pro package is $15 per user, per month and allows each user full access to six different calendars, ideal for cleaning companies with a large number of employees across different departments or time schedules.

With the help of Calendly, all your scheduling mistakes and issues could be a thing of the past!


mHelpDesk may be on the slightly pricier side, but that’s certainly for a good reason.

This software includes such a wide range of features that it may be the only software that your business needs in order to stay organized and on top of each and every team member, client and outstanding invoice!

The software may look a little intimidating to use at first, but it’s actually incredibly simple once you get the hang of it – and it’s almost guaranteed to make your life much easier.

The software features an easy-to-navigate sidebar design, allowing company operators to easily toggle between a variety of business categories, such as leads, salaries, schedules, people, invoices and reports, to name just a few. It also features a great dashboard as its homepage, which gives users a handy overview of the day ahead, including what the schedule of each individual team member looks like.

If you struggle to keep track of all the different information that you need within your business and wish you could keep everything all in one place, then this is most certainly the software for you!

The one downside is, as we’ve mentioned already, this software is a little on the pricier side. The pricing is as follows:

  • mHelpDesk starts at $374 per month, covering up to 10 employees – ideal for smaller companies
  •  For companies with 11 – 15 employees, additional personnel are charged at an extra $35 per month
  • Any company with over $15 employees must get a quote for custom pricing by mHelpDesk, though this might just lead to a better deal.

So, whilst mHelpDesk is a little more of an investment than you may have been wishing to make, we’re sure you’d find it worth the money!


QuickBooks was launched in 1983 and has been a firm favorite among small business owners ever since. The software allows business operators to simply and easily keep track of financial incomings and outgoings, including taxes, invoices and employee salaries.

If you struggle sometimes to keep track of the financial side of your business or if you just wish it could all be a little simpler, QuickBooks could be ideal for you.

Here are just a few of the fantastic range of features offered by QuickBooks:

  • Invoice creation and tracking
  • Monitoring bills and expenses
  • Generating and printing financial statements, including balance sheets, profit and loss reports and cash flow statements
  • Tracking inventory
  • Simplifying taxes
  • Accepting online payments

…and much more.

 If QuickBooks sounds like the sort of software that you could benefit from whilst running your cleaning business, it’s worth looking into acquiring it.

One thing that may put some potential users off QuickBooks is the pricing, which isn’t quite as solid and consistent as the cost of other software. Essentially, you could be paying anywhere from $15 per month to $1,213 per year – it all depends on the size of your business and your company’s needs. For more information, take a look at the QuickBooks’ website and find out what cost your own company could be looking at.

Whether any of these options have piqued your interest, there is plenty of software out there for cleaning companies, both small and large, to make your business operation run a little more smoothly! Don’t spend any longer struggling to keep track of your business dealings manually or through the use of hundreds of paper files – take a look at the other software available for cleaning companies today, and see just how much easier things could be!

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