How to Make Your Cleaning Company Unique

For as long as there’s been humans, there’s been the need to clean! With that in mind, it’s easy to see why there is such a wide range of cleaning companies out there – and they’re growing in numbers year over year.

So, how can a cleaning company stand out and remain unique in such a huge market?

Here are just a few ways to ensure that your cleaning company is unique.

Raise the Quality of Your Training

Make sure that you aren’t just sending your cleaners out there to learn on the job. A client will sniff this out right away and your team will feel less confident in their work due to the lack of training and advice.

A confident team is a successful one! To ensure that your team is fully equipped for every job that they are sent to take on, put together a thorough and engaging training package. Whether this means providing your team with helpful resources and online learning that they can complete in their own time or delivering engaging in-person training sessions, high-quality training creates a high-quality team.

Try to cover everything through careful training before you send your team out to represent you. Training your team on each and every aspect of the work they’ll be carrying out – from providing a short refresher course on basic cleaning equipment and techniques, right through to teaching your team the importance of great customer service and customer interaction skills – will ensure that they’re showing off to every client what a capable, pleasant and highly-skilled team of cleaners your company can provide.

It will immediately become apparent to all of your company’s clients that your team knows their stuff – and word will quickly spread that your team is the best option for any client in search of the perfect clean!

Create Engaging Branding and Marketing

A brand with personality will always be more noticeable than a brand that simply fades into the background – and a noticeable brand is often more likely to become a successful one.

When launching your company, create engaging branding that defines exactly what you and your team are about. What is at the heart of your team’s mission? What makes your company different, and what makes you who you are?

Create attention-grabbing marketing material that gets your company personality across and make sure you’re really putting it out there as much as you can, through a variety of different mediums. Your next repeat client might be reading the local newspaper, but they may also be scrolling through social media or listening to your regional radio station. Get your marketing material in front of as many potential clients as you can, and make sure it represents you and your company well.

Increase Your Range of Services

A client is far more likely to choose your company if they find that your company is a one-stop-shop for all their cleaning needs, so make sure you continue to invest in new equipment and expand your range of services wherever possible.

Being able to offer services such as carpet steaming, hardwood floor buffing, etc. will raise your appeal massively towards clients who aren’t simply looking for your average ‘dust, vacuum and polish’ household cleaner. Increasing the variety of services that you offer will increase the number of clients you attract!

We’ve already talked about training, but try to teach each and every member of your team these new skills and services as your range of services expands – your company will stand out not just for the extensive range of services that you offer, but how well-versed your whole team is in these services, too.

Make It Fun

A happy team will do a much better job!

If you’re the leader of a cleaning company, it’s important to always ensure that your cleaners are happy in the work that they are completing. Introduce incentives for your team to encourage better work and remember to reward team members for a job well done.

Cleaning can be a long, hard, and laborious job for any team member on occasion, so keeping morale in your team high will keep the quality of their work high, too.

A company is only as good as its employees, so remember: take great care of your team and they’ll inevitably take much better care of your clients!

Ensure Your Team Is Diverse

There are so many cleaners out there that come from so many different age groups, backgrounds, races, and religions – make sure that you’re building a diverse team of cleaners within your company.

Part of delivering a great experience to clients is to ensure that they don’t just receive a high-quality clean, but great customer service, too. By hiring a diverse range of cleaners for your team, you’ll be able to better match your team members to new clients that you think they’ll get along great with – providing a memorable service means providing a friendly one, too!

All cleaning companies can promise to deliver a high standard of cleaning, but the personal touches and approachable team members will be what keeps clients coming back to you and keeps your client-base growing. By hiring a range of diverse cleaning team members, you’ll ensure that you have the perfect match for every client.

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