Why Work with The Cleaning Network

The Cleaning Network is a talent-sourcing platform, connecting available cleaners and staff with cleaning companies seeking to hire. With our extensive experience in the cleaning industry and a robust network of qualified cleaning professionals, we are the top choice for building your commercial or residential cleaning team in Charlotte, NC. The Cleaning Network’s strategic staffing solution provides you with the best team while you focus on your core business operations. Discover why we are the leading job search staffing solution in the cleaning industry and elevate your cleaning business today.

Who is the Cleaning Network for?

The Cleaning Network understands the importance for cleaning companies to attract and retain top talent in the cleaning industry. With turnover rates reaching as high as 200%[1] for commercial and residential cleaning companies, there is a clear need for effective talent acquisition. That’s where we come in. The Cleaning Network provides a platform for employers to find highly qualified employees quickly and easily, while also helping skilled employees discover meaningful job opportunities at exceptional cleaning companies. Let us help you connect with the right candidate or find your next rewarding job in the cleaning industry.

How does our online staffing and recruiting tool work?

For Job Seekers:

If you’re a cleaning professional seeking opportunities as a housekeeper, janitor, manager, or any other role in the cleaning industry, The Cleaning Network is here to help you get started on your job search. With our user-friendly online platform, you can easily create a detailed profile to showcase your skills and experience to prospective employers in various sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, offices, and more. You can also search for available jobs posted by management companies. Best of all, as a Job Seeker, creating and maintaining your profile is completely free! Start your journey today and find the perfect cleaning job that matches your skills and aspirations.

For Hiring Managers & Recruiters:

Are you a cleaning company in search of qualified employees? Look no further than our talent-sourcing tool. Get started for free and take advantage of our customizable candidate search feature, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your cleaning team based on specific skill sets, location, and more. Once you’ve identified your ideal candidate, simply register on our website and send them a message to initiate the hiring process. For a monthly fee of just $99/mo, you’ll gain access to our extensive network of qualified cleaning candidates, enabling you to vet and schedule interviews with ease. Join today and discover a seamless way to find employees for your business.

When You Work With the Cleaning Network You Work With Professionals who understand the cleaning industry

The Cleaning Network was co-founded by Ciara Lilly and Edgar Ruth, who have been in the cleaning industry for over 50 years. While reducing high turnover rates was at the forefront of their minds, they also wanted to showcase the growth opportunities within the industry.

“The Cleaning Network is a tool that helps employers find the right cleaning talent for their needs because we have created a vetting process that captures the hiring specifications that are most important to cleaning companies,” says Edgar.

“We’re extremely proud to have created a safe and secure space for professionals and cleaning companies to connect; while also bringing to market an innovative solution to combat two of the biggest industry pain points – finding and retaining qualified talent,” says Ciara.

Ciara Lilly

President & Co-Founder

Edgar Ruth

Vice President & Co-Founder

[1] Kohley, Bill. “Tackling Employee Turnover With ‘Tools of the Trade’ | Cleaning and Maintenance Management.” Cleaning & Maintenance Management, 3 Jan. 2022, cmmonline.com/articles/tackling-employee-turnover-with-tools-of-the-trade.