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A Unique Platform For A Unique Industry

The cleaning industry is one-of-a-kind. The culture, the employees, the way we work, is different from every other industry in the working world. So why would you depend on a site that isn’t specialized when you’re trying to hire, or be hired, in the cleaning industry?

The Cleaning industry has grown by 10% year-over-year since 2019, and it’s anticipated to bring in $50 billion by 2026.

Don’t Miss The Chance To Be Part Of Something Big

We think big because the cleaning industry is big. It has grown by 10% year over year since 2019, and it’s anticipated to bring in $50 billion by 2026. An industry growing at that fast a pace deserves a better talent sourcing platform than what’s currently available. To accommodate an industry like ours, we need a site that is focused on cleaning companies and those they are looking to hire. 

With a rate between 100-400%, cleaning companies are spending far too much time and money hiring the wrong people.

We Made Hiring Easier, Period

In the cleaning industry, turnover can be costly. With a rate between 100-400%, cleaning companies are spending far too much time and money hiring the wrong people. One of our goals is to help reduce turnover by providing high-quality job candidates who know what the cleaning industry is all about. They know the work, the pay rates, and are on our site because they are ready to be hired. Hiring and onboarding employees doesn’t have to be so hard, and neither should keeping them for years to come – if you’ve hired the right people.

Say Goodbye To An Inbox Full Of Useless Resumes

While other sites boast about bringing hundreds of applicants to your job post, how many of them are actually qualified to do the work? We have streamlined the process of finding job candidates by giving you a Search Tool that allows you to search through our members’ profiles. Use our filter to find the exact qualifications you’re looking for, and then connect with them directly if you would like to set up an interview.

Say Hello To Your Next Job

Finding a cleaning job can be just as frustrating when you use other sites. You may apply to several jobs and hear back from none, which means your time and energy is wasted. Instead, become a Cleaning Candidate Member on our talent sourcing platform, and wait for the jobs to come to you! Simply join, fill out a profile, and then wait for companies to connect with you. You’ll be instantly notified when you receive a message and will be able to communicate directly with the company, instead of hoping for a response on the other end of an empty application process..

We Make You Look Good

Applying for cleaning jobs online can be exhausting. With our dynamic Cleaning Candidate Profiles, you can showcase your industry experience and detail the type of position you’re looking for. Not only that, your profile allows you to be presented as a true professional, so you can expect that companies will show you the respect you have earned.

Are You Ready To Change The Way You Work?

The old way of hiring, and being hired, is no longer the best way for those in the cleaning industry.

While other job sites are leaning on the past, we are reaching toward the future and making a talent sourcing platform that is easier, more sophisticated and produces better results. Because, why do things the same old way, when they can be done better?

The Cleaning Network is the only platform built just for our industry, so you can feel confident when you’re hiring or looking for work. We focus on connection and transparency between those hiring and job applicants, making the entire process more streamlined for everyone.

Don’t get left behind by continuing to use other hiring sites. Become a member today and join us as we take the first steps into the future of the cleaning industry.