3 Ways To Get More Clients For Your Cleaning Company

Congratulations, you’ve started your cleaning company! You’ve put together a team of great cleaners, have delivered some excellent training sessions and have all the necessary products and equipment you need to deliver a stellar clean to each and every client – you just need to find those clients first.

When you first start out with your cleaning business, building up an ever-growing base of clients to keep your team busy may seem like something of an uphill battle, and that’s because it can be. Luckily, that doesn’t make it impossible, as long as you know how to get the ball rolling!

Here are three ways that you can get more clients for your cleaning company!

Look At Your Marketing

If you’re relying on newspaper classifieds or pinning up posters in your local area, stop! In 2020, you have to utilize the internet to really get the word out.

The first step you should make is to set up a Facebook page for your cleaning company, then invite all your friends to like it and tell your team to do the same. The likelihood is that the majority of your friends list and the Facebook friends of your team all live in the same local area that your cleaning company serves, so this is a great way to get started. Even if only a fraction of these friends drop a ‘like’ to follow your page, the majority of those you invite will at least look at the page first – if they ever do need a cleaner, they’ll remember who to call.

Now, how do you impress the friends who followed your page? Make sure that your company is well-represented on your social media. Set up an ‘about’ section, a profile photo, a cover photo and make price information, as well as a summary of all the different services that you offer, easily accessible from your Facebook page. If your Facebook followers have to dig around just to find key information about you, they’re not as likely to persevere – you could be missing out on some all-important bookings.

If you feel like business is slow at first and you aren’t attracting a lot of work, why not run a competition? Offer an hour’s cleaning as a prize for a guessing game or raffle, making it one of the entry requirements to ‘tag’ two friends in the comments section. Not only will this boost engagement and lead to more potential clients to your page, but it’ll give you a chance to show your prizewinner just how valuable your services are – and it’ll give you a chance to pick up a great testimonial.

You should also consider setting up a website for your company, too. If a potential client is looking to hire a cleaner, it’s likely that their first step in searching for one could be to look up “cleaning companies near me” through a search engine – and you want to be the one that shows up.

Make sure that your site looks professional and gives your potential clients a reason to stay and look around. Again, all the information on your site that a client would need in order to hire you should be easy enough for them to find.

Social media and company websites are the best ways to advertise these days! If you go about it the right way, you could have plenty of clients in no time.

Get Testimonials

Testimonials are crucial! Very few clients who have never used your company before will be willing to take a chance on you if they have no evidence that you’re going to do a great job. Ask your existing clients at the end of every job if they would be willing to provide a testimonial for your services.

The easiest way for them to do this is likely for them to leave the review on your company’s Facebook page – and this is also the most beneficial for your business, too. The reason for this is that reviews on Facebook appear under the name of the person who wrote them, proving to future potential clients that these testimonials are authentic and can be trusted as being accurate.

Don’t forget to also copy your testimonials onto your website! If a potential client is unsure whether or not to hire you, then a great testimonial on your site could be exactly what gives them a push in the right direction.

Do A Great Job Every Time!

Ensure that your team is delivering the highest standard of clean they can to every single client. Word of mouth is the most long-standing way for your company to be referred to new clients – and it may also be the most effective.

According to studies, the average person is around four times more likely to use a product or service if it has been recommended to them by somebody that they know personally. If you can impress your clients enough to have them telling their friends and family about you, you could find yourself getting a whole lot more attention.

If you want to encourage this a little to maximize the potential that it will work for you, consider having business cards made and giving a few to your clients – that way, if a friend is in search of a cleaning service, they can simply hand them your business card.

Gathering a wide and recurring base of clients can prove difficult for any cleaning company when they first start out, but with the right amount of skill, marketing savviness and delivering a great service, you could have a database full of happy customers in no time at all!

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