3 Ways to Create the Best Possible Cleaning Professional Profile

Cleaning Network Worldwide was built specifically for the cleaning industry, and is meant to put the best cleaning talent and the best employers in the same room. Unlike other job sites, where employers post jobs and an employee blindly applies, our platform puts the job seeking power in the hands of the cleaning professional by giving them profiles tailored made to help give them a competitive edge. 

But what makes a cleaning professional profile truly captivating and able to attract employers? There are three things you’ll want to make sure and not skip when creating a profile in order to give yourself the best shot at landing a great job.

1. A Professional Profile Picture 

Unlike other job sites, our profiles allow you to upload a picture of yourself to help you stand out. When an employer is combing through applicants profiles, a picture can be the first thing they notice, and you’ll want yours to express who you are as a professional. When choosing a picture, you’ll want one that has you looking your best; a head shot of you looking directly at the camera wearing a nice, work appropriate outfit can go a long way towards achieving a great first impression. Use the photo below as an example of a profile picture that would work well. 

2. A Detailed Profile 

Having a complete and detailed profile can make you appear to be thorough and hard-working to potential employers. When an employer is searching for cleaning talent, they are able to filter their search based on specific criteria of your profile. If you are missing a portion of your profile you may be looked over as a candidate and miss a potential job opportunity. Your profile is a way to promote yourself to employers and make yourself shine, and a complete profile is the best chance you have at truly elevating yourself. 

Also, having accreditations, workplace recognitions and certificates really help give you a leg up on the competition. The most important elements to make sure and spend quality time on and give considerable thought to are: 

  • Summary of Qualifications 
  • Profile Picture 
  • Positions of Interest 
  • Desired Wage/Salary Information 
  • Geographical Preferences – how far are you willing to travel?

Having these portions thoughtfully completed will give you a better chance of connecting with a potential employer. Also, making sure you are using correct grammar and complete sentences when completing your profile, showing employers your attention to detail. 

3. Desirable Character Traits

Character is a big part of landing a job. Unlike on a standard resume, you are able to express your character on your Professional Profile, which can increase your chances of getting contacted by a Cleaning Company for an interview.

Many Cleaning Companies said the number one reason a Cleaning Professional didn’t get hired, was because they lied about their background or transportation in their interview. It was the lie that bothered them; if the cleaner had been honest from the beginning, their chances of getting hired would be greater.

Highlight your work ethic, your dedication to the job, your reliability and punctuality to help employers see your professionalism.

The cleaning industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, which means there are a lot of opportunities for steady work. Making sure your profile is accurate, detailed and professional will give you the best chance at making a connection on our platform, and getting you one step closer to a great job. 

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