3 Benefits of Being a Cleaning Professional

With all the potential job opportunities out there, choosing to be a cleaning professional may not have crossed your mind before. But did you know that the cleaning industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation? Currently there are 4.4 million cleaning jobs in the U.S., and the demand for reliable employees is only growing. 

If you’re looking for work and have thought about becoming a cleaning professional, here are three benefits of taking this career path. 

1. Flexible Hours 

If you’re a parent, finding work can be challenging when you have young kids to look after, older kids to get to and from school, and many of the other endless responsibilities that come with being a parent. Cleaning positions often have shifts for you to choose from, so if you need to work days or nights, you will often have that option. 

Also, if you’re a student, have another job or are a care-taker, having flexible hours can be beneficial to your routine and needs. While many other positions in different industries have strict hours, the cleaning industry offers an array of types of jobs with varied shifts, allowing you to choose a job based on the hours you need. This allows for a healthier work/life balance. 

2. Career Longevity 

Cleaning professionals will always be needed in the economy. Even now, when our nation is facing a global pandemic and a massive unemployment rate, cleaning professionals are being hired at a rapid rate. It was one of the few industries minimally impacted by the 2008 Great Recession, and is currently trending at a 10% growth rate, which is 3% higher than any other industry.

 If you’re a reliable, hard-working cleaning professional, the likelihood of you finding dependable and stable work is high-especially if you are a member of Cleaning Network Worldwide. (To find out how to give your Cleaning Network Worldwide Professional Profile a competitive edge, click here.)

You also don’t need a diploma or advanced training for a majority of cleaning positions, making entering the industry easy. As you gain experience, certificates and specialities, you will be able to advance in your career and have excellent job stability.

3. Rate of Pay

Cleaning positions often pay above the national minimum wage, with many jobs starting at $12/hour and increasing from there. Salaries can range from $27,430 for Janitors to $35,080 for Maids and Housecleaners, and specialized cleaning services can have a higher rate of pay. Deep cleaning positions have a national average of $40,367 a year. 

The more skills you develop and certificates you earn, your earning potential also increases. While no specialized training is generally necessary for cleaning positions, the more seriously you take your work, the more serious earning potential you’ll have. 

If you’re looking for work with a large job pool that is steady, reliable and has the potential for increased earnings, a cleaning position may be what you’ve been looking for. Become a member of Cleaning Network Worldwide to be connected with the best jobs and employers in your area! 

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